Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pushing 50: Humpty Dumpty

We all have this ‘come-with-maximum-safety-features-built-in-walls’ surrounding us at some point of time in our lives. Having built these walls, you have total control to the inventory of people you allow to come into your little sanctuary. The selected few, if any, will be those who display some sort of effort to get to know you and finally, win your affection. In short, this invisible defence mechanism is to keep you at bay from getting hurt, harm and other life-threatening innuendos, so to speak.

Okay, so we have erected these sturdy insulated walls around us and therefore life should be all sugar and spice, right? Ermm…think again? The walls you built also means a barrier to the outside world. Surrounded for some amount of time by these walls, being isolated from almost everyone and everything, it can get mighty lonely at times and to some extreme levels, you can also get yourself lost in there. While it is okay to be safe and sound in your little shell and to hang on and wait for anyone who would care enough to knock down your walls, it is also good to be optimistic about life. Take a chance on others. Not all is out there to hurt you. Some may even surprise you with their kindness, compassion and of course, love. And if along the way, some may hurt you, so what’s the big deal? 
No pain, no gain so the saying goes

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