Monday, 7 January 2013

Pushing 50: If you can't go to sleep...

I'm up to my nose in paperwork and Mr. Acer went into coma several times today. The new cooler pad obviously didnt do a good enough job in bringing his temperature down. He simply couldn't take the work load and finally collapsed!  Poor guy. Typical of Mrs Boss, she wants everthing PRONTO! Chop chop! *sigh* Told her to hold her horses. Either that or get me a new lap-top. That did the trick. She left me well alone after that. Anyhow I managed to cough up a completed module for her to read during breakfast. And I bet my last Ringgit Malaysia her text msg will be waiting for me when I wake up tomorrow. *later this morning*'s almost 4!*

I'm dead tired. Guess I can skip the part where I feel the need to mention that my brain is dead too. I.NEED.SLEEP. As exhausted as I am right now I doubt if I can fall asleep right away. My nervous system is still buzzing around as if there are dozens of overly enthusiastic *and crazy* Formula1 drivers driving ferociously to win the world championship    

Tomorrow will be another long full day, will try to get some sleep now. *fake yawn*

Not-So-Sleepy but dog-tired me,

want you to know i'm a rainbow too.


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Pushing 50: Up, Up and Away!

Mrs. Boss called yesterday with good news, "Yes, the job is yours. You're booked from  ___ to ____, AND from  ___ to ____. AND i may have something coming in March so keep your options open. AND for these two stints you have to...blablablabla..." I did the tribal fire dance while she was yakking on the other end of the line. Alhamdulillah! Yes! YES! YESSS!!! *Fist Pump!*

So today Mrs. Boss heaped me with work. Modules, manuals, reading materials, hand-outs, PP slides, activities etc etc etc. The WORKSLooks like I've got a lot on my plate until mid February. Meaning less time to blog or tweet but hey, I'm not complaining, at all! A workaholic I am  not but I love this job. Yeah, the pay is pretty good but it isn't just about the money. It's that indescribable satisfying, almost-orgasmic *of course i had to add that part in just to annoy you* feeling you get at the end of the day knowing you've given your very best and hopefully your effort does make a difference in someone's life. 
I got to run. Work beckons! 

Sparky Me,

Life is good.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pushing 50: C'est La Vie

Yesterday was a good day. No drama. No conflict. No pain. Everything was nice and dandy. Okay fine, there was a minor hitch afterall. And it's called Dr. Gregory House. This guy is starting to grow on me like poison ivy only that he doesnt give me rash. However, the thoughts of him made me drool, go haywire and hot all over. *please don't eye-roll me* Seriously, I could hardly get through the day without watching him. A mere 15 minutes was all i needed *a quickie? hey! you naughty liltle devil you* i would then be fine... and high. This addiction is getting pretty absurd. I'm utterly obsessed, with this man, it just simply blew my mind! I think I'm in love. Pathetic. Yes, i KNOW. Let's hope it's just a passing thing. If I'm still talking about House in March, somebody please...PLEASE hit me on the head with a rolling-pin!

So, the first day of 2013 went by smoothly. Did i learn anything new? Anything I haven't already known, perhaps? Okay, i did learn a few new words: encephalitis, myoclonoc jerk, creatinine, porphyria, cardiomyopathy, carcinoid, cirrchosis. No thanks to House. Apart from those? Nah! Same old-same old.

Well probably i did learn something. I learned that wound takes time to heal. It doesn't get better immediately but eventually it will and even the scar will fade over time. It's the memories we carry in our hearts that will always remind us of the pain we want 
so much to forget. 
C'est La Vie

yours sincerely,

 *Somewhere between Twitter, Juanes' A Dios La Pido, House, menthol ciggy and hot coffee, i remembered you.*

*The reason i am still keeping this clip is just beyond me*