Monday, 7 January 2013

Pushing 50: If you can't go to sleep...

I'm up to my nose in paperwork and Mr. Acer went into coma several times today. The new cooler pad obviously didnt do a good enough job in bringing his temperature down. He simply couldn't take the work load and finally collapsed!  Poor guy. Typical of Mrs Boss, she wants everthing PRONTO! Chop chop! *sigh* Told her to hold her horses. Either that or get me a new lap-top. That did the trick. She left me well alone after that. Anyhow I managed to cough up a completed module for her to read during breakfast. And I bet my last Ringgit Malaysia her text msg will be waiting for me when I wake up tomorrow. *later this morning*'s almost 4!*

I'm dead tired. Guess I can skip the part where I feel the need to mention that my brain is dead too. I.NEED.SLEEP. As exhausted as I am right now I doubt if I can fall asleep right away. My nervous system is still buzzing around as if there are dozens of overly enthusiastic *and crazy* Formula1 drivers driving ferociously to win the world championship    

Tomorrow will be another long full day, will try to get some sleep now. *fake yawn*

Not-So-Sleepy but dog-tired me,

want you to know i'm a rainbow too.


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