Saturday, 16 February 2013

Pushing 50: You Can't Always Get What You Want

It's been a long while. Yeah, i know. but fret no more, now i'm back. And i know I've been lazy. 

*ewwww!*what was THAT?!*

*lemme think.!!*

*okay..let's do that again*this time do it like you actually mean it?!*

It's been a LONG while. Yeah, i know. And i know I've been super lazy. Plus, I was mad. Who bloody wouldn't? It was an easy job. Any Tom, Dick and Harry could do it. 

*naaahhh...that didn't sound quite right!*

*fingers tapping*

*now let's start from the top*AGAIN!*

It's been a LONG while. Yeah, i know. And NO, i haven't been lazy. I was mad *Who bloody wouldn't?* and I needed time to deflect. So i ran to House for refuge and drown my sorrow in his  miserable, unhappy life. Either that or i would be reading Twitter's Timeline like a bible. And when that failed to distract me, i would get into Mr. Misery's head and tried to think the way he thinks. Day in and day out. But i was still mad. *VERY* And i was mad for a LONG while!

The thing is, it was an easy job and the pay spelled with an initial big digit and ended with many fat zeroes across my cheque! And already i could think of many miseries that would come to an end when the fat cheque settled comfortably in my starved wallet. *counting chickens before they hatch eh? oh, just SHUT UP!*  And so i spent countless, sleepless nights  *and countless cups of coffee too, but of course!* getting things ready for the stint and after countless sleepless nights I finally submitted the whole lock stock and barrel to Mrs. Boss. She was happy. I was elated. YAYY! 

And then shit happened. 

*fingers tapping crazily*


*i need coffee*

*...and ciggy*

If............... and ............ but ......... because....

*sigh*i bloody give up!*

Losing my marbles,

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