Monday, 15 October 2012

Pushing 50: Good Things In Life

We all know how cruel and bitchy life can get at times. More often than not, when things start to go wrong, they come in threes and if we're unlucky they come pouring one after another. Endless. And the DON'T say! Thus inevitably we turn into an ugly grumpy bitter monster. I know i did. Used to be a crazy dragon puffing out fire...but not anymore (i would like to believe this is TRUE though). Well, perhaps still a dragon but only before my first coffee. Anyway when i hit 46 in May this year, a friend suggested that i should start a journal called Good Things In Life. The name said it all. Since then i started a collection of pictures to add into this little journal. It's what i called 'counting my blessings' diary. This is NOT a sad diary. NO, it certainly is not. They are entries of the good things God has blessed me with each day. And i try (it's very hard...simply because i'm busy with FB and Twitter, if you know what i mean) to make an entry on daily basis. Guess what? After some time...going through the pages and looking at the pictures, i realized that life is not that bad after all. When we focus on the good things and ignore the bad ones we will realize that our blessings are endless.  Life is GOOD. i have started my GOOD THINGS IN LIFE journal. Why don't you start yours today?

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