Friday, 16 November 2012

Pushing 50: Hiatus

I've been ultra lazy of late. It's one of those moments in life when time and things stoodstill, if you know what i  mean. I spent most days just idly watching the clock ticking away, doing nothing in particular. Yup, pretty much a zombie. A-coffee-drinking-zombie for that matter. Okay, i lied. I filled up the hiatus with my head deeply buried in a simple but exceptionally engaging book, watched, sad to say, an orgasm-less theater and by a twist of fate, spent a crazy-6-hour-non-stop-random-rambling-marathon on a balcony of the 26th floor under the open night sky overlooking a breathtakingly spectacular view of the Klang Valley. None of the above-mentioned required any thinking or caring on my part. So you see, i wasn't lying nor was i exaggerating things. True that I was mind-less and life-less but a happy zombie all along. 
Life is GOOD. 

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