Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pushing 50: Ooohh... Aaahhh

An ardent beef-lover i am not, especially when it comes to steaks. Oh yes, I'm a Mac D person and i love meatballs and lasagnas but not steaks. No, thank you. So the Head Honchos of Las Vacas recommended 'Beef Wrap'. It was good. NO. I lied. It was REALLY awesome! The tender pan sauteed beef, wrapped around carrot slices and melted cheese rolled, glided and danced tastefully on my tongue and teased every existing taste bud! Hence yours truly unashamedly went, "Oohh...Aaahh...Ermm" with every bite. It was simply and utterly out of this world. On top of that i had a few small chunks off my son's Sirloin Wagyu. It came only with a  bowl of salad, no dressing or sauce except a dash of salt and pepper. Man! It was tender and juicy and succulent and grilled to perfection. You name it the Wagyu sure has it! I was ready to battle off the usual annoying beefy smell but surprise, surprise the smell wasn't as bad as i expected. I am in love! So go ahead folks! Indulge yourselves. 
Las Vacas melted my iron-strong 'i-don't-do-beef-steak' principle, it sure has no trouble melting you beef-lovers!

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