Sunday, 4 November 2012

Pushing 50: Setting Boundaries

I have come to a point in my life where my tolerance level is as good as ZERO when it comes to dealing with difficult people and all the dramas they are dragging heavily along. Pretty much a distressful lot of which i can do without, that's for sure. Years ago i was capable of handling a handful of them; feeding their huge egos, being a 24/7 confidante and an unpaid soul therapist. I was ever so willingly and readily to lend an ear for them to brawl to  and shoulders to bawl on. But of late i realized that these 'QUICKSANDS' can suck out every molecule of energy that is within me faster than a powerful vacuum cleaner able to suck dust off a rug. 

Apparently, at this age, i get tired easily, both physically and psychologically. Therefore I'm saving all my energy for my own well-being and i refuse to waste it off unnecessarily. Thus if and when my path crosses theirs, i choose to turn around and walk away. I just want to sail through life peacefully. Hassle-free. Indeed there will definitely be the surprise twists and turns up ahead. Ah-ha! Here is where i set the boundaries. You see, the surprise twists and turns are inevitable but it's up to me to avoid the ego eccentrics that come my way. 

For the past 46 years, my life has been a succession of circuses and parades plus a bumper to bumper series of dramas. I had enough. It's time for me to lay back and enjoy my coffee and surround myself with those who have abundance of love to spread generously around. Yeah, that's right; that's just how i would like to grow a love galore, happily aging away. 

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