Monday, 26 November 2012

Pushing 50: Tanjung Harapan, Mr. Superman and I

He wanted seafood i on the other hand just wanted to enjoy the salty night breeze from a dock. Any dock for that matter. So after an hour of driving (or after a few wrong turns and missed signboards and not forgetting the unexpected potholes) we were seated to our table overlooking the magnificient open sea with the night breeze gently caressing my skin. For years I have yearned and longed for this moment to materialize. It finally did and the icing on the cake was having Mr. Superman with me to enjoy this magical scenario. Tell me...just how lucky can i get?

The food was nothing to die for and the place was a bit too crowded for serious political debate whatmore intimate conversations. But at the end of the day, i know it is not about the food on the table or the type of places we go to that matter.  It is the people we have around us and the love we feel for them and how we see life in a proper and rational perspectives, that my dear friend, is the numero uno ground rule for happiness

And that night as i watched Mr. Superman 'fingering' his Samsung phone, one word crossed my mind, as it always did: HOME. We could be right smack in the hustle and bustle of Jalan TAR or in a crowded commuter or having coffee in one of the R&R stalls along the North-South highway, but each and everytime i looked at him, i always felt like HOME. And that night was no exception. I felt a rush of endless serenity cascading down onto my weary soul; theraputically calming
 Peacefulness...aaaahh...that's the word i was searching for.

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