Monday, 5 November 2012

Pushing 50: Hushabye Baby

I promised myself that i would make at least 3 more Pushing50 entries tonight. But GOSH...i'm dead sleepy. It rained the whole day here and I had rice for dinner, plus a second helping, mind you. So it's no big surprise that i can hardly keep my eyes open. Coffee seems tempting but the bed is deliciously inviting at the moment. I think i'll forego the coffee. By the way, being a nocturnal, feeling as sleepy as this at this hour is something new to me. Sleep has never honored me with its presence this early for a longest time. Therefore it would only be fair to welcome and embrace it with open arms. 
I'm sure those entries can wait. 
'If memories don't bite, i might sleep tight, right through the night, 
until the sun shines bright.'
~SueSenahAnderson signing off.~

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